The more advanced things become, the simpler they need to be, especially as it relates to the way people interact with technology and the experience that interaction creates. It’s more so important in automotive technology, where the experience relates to safety and iconic brands. Great UI/UX design fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty, extending a vehicle’s look-n-feel to all aspects of technology integration and human interaction; including organization, layout, interface and industrial design.

We’ve extensive experience developing efficient, scalable and optimized HMI solutions. Through usability engineering and testing, we take great care to improve user friendly interaction between people and the technology they control. Whether designing digital dashboards requiring customized integrations and multiple modes of operation and color schemes or providing screen designs and user interface concepts, we understand the necessity to create human interactions with technology that result in memorable user and customer experiences.


The automotive space is forever changing and moving to a sharing economy. Connected vehicles and surface transportation systems are rapidly advancing to provide more in-vehicle location based services, improve safety, reduce traffic congestion and provide personalized experiences.

Our designers prepare ‘wireframe’ designs – ranging from low fidelity to highly detailed, accurate representations of the software. We also use a wide variety of UX tools including personas and usability tests to provide you with best results.

ConnectedX understands the complex issues facing automotive manufacturers, dealers and service and solution providers. As disparate technologies enter the vehicle, we are your ideal partner to improve your ability to participate and capitalize on the growing connected vehicle and personalized transportation marketplace.