Delivering the value of the Automotive and home

Customer management – At the most basic level, selling, installing, and supporting smart technology, such as thermostats, and lighting, providing an incremental revenue stream to energy organizations increasingly under pressure on commodity margins. This is likely to be a relatively short-term strategy, however.

Home service management – Delivering value to the customer depends on using smart technology to its full potential. There are two things that energy companies could do to help realize this:

Acting as the integrator – The connected home ecosystem is still very fragmented, with multiple organizations using divergent platforms for different technologies.

Providing insight and intelligent automation – Combining information from connected devices with usage information gained through smart meters and billing systems could provide energy companies with a unique market advantage. Energy companies could provide value-driven consumers with the insight they need to manage down their usage and automate key parts of their lives, whether it’s turning off the lights or locking the door.